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Shots Ouch! Black & White Magnetic Nipple Clamps - Sensual Cylinder

Shots Ouch! Black & White Magnetic Nipple Clamps - Sensual Cylinder

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Embark on an enchanting symphony of sensations with the Shots Ouch! Black & White Clamps in the Sensual Cylinder style – where power, elegance, and versatility unite to orchestrate an extraordinary journey of pleasure! 

Available in three captivating colors: Black, Gunmetal Gray and Gold! 

☠ Magnetic Intensity: Surrender to the tantalizing embrace of these clamps, empowered by potent magnets. Feel the exquisite pressure as they expertly entwine with your most sensitive areas, igniting an enticing dance of pleasure. 

🔥 Temperature Temptations: Elevate your experience with temperature play! Immerse these enchanting clamps in icy waters for a shiver-inducing sensation, or warm them in water for an irresistible blaze of desire. Just remember, no microwaving! ❄️🔥 

✨ Elegance: Crafted from sleek aluminum, these clamps harmoniously blend beauty and strength. Delight in the luxurious touch against your skin as you succumb to pure, body-safe pleasure. 💎🌟 

⚡️ Hypoallergenic Harmony: Prioritize your well-being with hypoallergenic delights that caress your skin with utmost care. Easy to clean, these clamps invite you to indulge in worry-free bliss. 🌈🌸 

🌊 Waterproof Whims: Let your desires ride the waves of passion with waterproof enchantment. Explore the depths of your fantasies without hesitation, diving into a sea of endless possibilities. 🌊 

🚫 Phthalate-Free Pleasure: Revel in uncompromised pleasure, as our clamps are entirely phthalate-free. Embrace your intimate moments with confidence, enjoying pure delight. 🍃🙌 

Dimensions: approximately 0.5" x 0.5" x 1.5" 

Material: Aluminum 
Care: Spot clean 
Please discontinue use if there is any discomfort to you or your partner(s). Sold as an adult novelty only! 

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