About Us

Welcome to Pon Farr Playground, your go-to destination for all things pleasure!


We are a geeky husband (he/him) and wife (she/they) duo with a passion for toys of all kinds and bringing joy to people! We ourselves met in an adult toy store nearly 20 years ago (it was innocent, we swear 😂), and now we've really come full circle!

With years of experience in "traditional" retail, we were recently given an incredible opportunity and decided to seize it and create our own online adult store!

Our on-going mission is to provide a safe, comfortable, and discreet space for everyone to explore their desires! We offer high-quality, innovative, and body-safe products that cater to all preferences, genders and lifestyles, carefully curating our selection of toys and accessories to be as inclusive as possible and to ensure that our customers can find exactly what they need to enhance their experiences!

At Pon Farr Playground, we believe that everyone deserves to feel empowered and confident in their journey through the stars. We value open communication, respect, privacy, discretion and geekiness, and we strive to create a community where individuals can express themselves freely without judgement or shame!

Some folks have asked: how are your prices so low?!

Well, some companies just have too much brand new STUFF sitting around their warehouses taking up space, so we're able to buy it in bulk for less than wholesale. We pass those savings on to you! Think of us as the Ollies of Adult Toys! 😂

Some distributors & manufacturers just have an excess of stock. For example, if a manufacturer makes too much of an item, we will buy the overstock! Or if a distributor decides to update the color scheme of their product packaging, we will purchase their remaining stock of their previous design!

We get such a great deal on some items, we can't even post the brand names here! Because of that, you may notice that some items you receive are branded just a bit differently than they're presented here. Rest assured - you are getting the high-quality items you ordered, we may have just given it a slightly cooler nickname for our website!

Thank you for choosing Pon Farr Playground, and we look forward to being a part of your pleasure-filled adventures!!