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Sex Fortune Cookie Bath Bombs - Set of 6

Sex Fortune Cookie Bath Bombs - Set of 6

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Step into a world of exciting surprises with these Fortune Bath Bombs! Imagine immersing yourself in a warm, relaxing tub and watching as these little wonders dissolve to reveal enticing activities that are bound to set your love life on fire. 

As the bath bomb dissolves, you'll unveil sultry sex fortunes that'll make your heart race. Imagine reading messages like "You're the master of every situation... especially in bed! (Embrace your dominant side)" or "Confucius says... it's time for some steamy tub action!" 

In this set, you'll find a total of 6 bath bombs – 3 scented like delicious vanilla and 3 with the tempting aroma of strawberries & cream. And the best part? Each bomb holds its very own unique sex fortune, ensuring every bath is a new adventure for you and your partner. 

So, why wait? Get ready to infuse some excitement into your bath time routine, as each bomb brings a surprise that'll make your love life sizzle like never before. 

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