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Let's Fool Around: The Game!

Let's Fool Around: The Game!

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Let's Fool Around is a romantic game for two players OR a kinky party game for a group of uninhibited friends. 


Each player selects a body part die (red, orange, black, or pink) to represent them. If there are more than four players participating in the game, players can share a color and form teams. If there are less than four players, remove dice that are not used to represent players. 

Players take turns rolling all of the dice in play. The silver die roll indicates the action you carry out. You decide which player to perform the action on by selecting one of the other dice. Then you perform the action on the body part listed on this die on the player represented by it. If there is more than one player represented by this die, then select the player of your choice from this team and perform the action on them. 

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