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Delicate Flower Collar + Leash Set

Delicate Flower Collar + Leash Set

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Introducing the Delicate Flower Collar and Leash Set, a stunning addition to your collection of elegant and refined BDSM gear. 

This set is adorned with pure white daisies, giving it a delicate and innocent appearance that perfectly complements the power dynamics of BDSM play. The intricate hardware is a lustrous silver tone, providing a touch of glamour and sophistication. 

Indulge in the opulence of the our Delicate Flower Collar and Leash Set and elevate your play to new heights of luxury! 

Material: Vegan leather, metal hardware 
Collar Length: Adjustable, once size fits all 
Hypoallergenic, Phthalate-and-Latex-Free 
Care: Spot clean 
Please discontinue use if there is any discomfort to you or your partner(s). Sold as an adult novelty only! 

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